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Doctoral Consortium - ICLP 2011

Seventh ICLP Doctoral Student Consortium

ICLP-DC 2011

Seventh ICLP Doctoral Student Consortium

to be held in Lexington, Kentucky, USA at the occasion of ICLP 2011

July 6-10, 2011

Application Process:

To apply for participation to the ICLP 2011 Doctoral Consortium, prepare a submission package consisting of a cover letter, a research summary, and a letter of recommendation (e.g., from your supervisor). The material should be submitted electronically, in PDF format.

Review Criteria:

The ICLP Doctoral Consortium review committee will select participants based on their anticipated contribution to the Consortium objectives. Participants typically have settled on their thesis directions and had their research proposal accepted by their thesis committee. Students will be selected based on clarity and completeness of the submission packet, relevance of their research area w.r.t. the focus of the ICLP Conference, stage of research, advisor's letter, and evidence of promise towards a successful research and academic career, such as published papers or technical reports.


The ICLP Doctoral Consortium Discussants will review the submissions to select the ones to be presented. The organizing committee is actively seeking support to offer scholarship packages to accepted participants. We will update the web site as soon as we have more information regarding this.

Submission Package

Send the submission package by e-mail to: Include the three documents as separate pdf files in attachment.

All submissions must be in English. Submissions will not be considered if they arrive after the deadline. Your submission should not contain any proprietary or confidential material.

Detailed instructions for each of the documents follow below.

Cover Page:

Please include the following information in the cover page:

  1. Statement of interest in participating in the Doctoral Consortium
  2. Full name and School and Department in which you are earning your doctorate degree
  3. Contact information - address, telephone number, and email address
  4. Title of your research and keywords pertinent to your research
  5. The URL of your web page (if any)
  6. Name of your supervising professor
  7. Current stage in your program of study, e.g. (Master/PhD student, start date)

Research Summary:

Prepare your research summary as a PDF document, using either the same format style as for the regular submissions to ICLP 2011, or the Springer Verlag LNCS Conference Publication Format.

Make sure to include your complete name, address and affiliation.

The body of your research summary (no more than 6 pages, but 3 is fine as well!) should provide a clear overview of the research, its potential impact, and its current status. You are encouraged to include the following sections:

  1. Introduction and problem description
  2. Background and overview of the existing literature
  3. Goal of the research
  4. Current status of the research
  5. Preliminary results accomplished (if any)
  6. Open issues and expected achievements
  7. Bibliographical references

Letter of Recommendation:

Include a letter of recommendation written by your Graduate Advisor or Thesis Advisor. Please, invite your advisor to include an assessment of the current status of your thesis research and an indication of the expected deadline for thesis submission. In addition, your advisor should indicate what she/he hopes you would gain from participation in the Doctoral Consortium.